Luxury Apartment

The homes designed by David Whealy and Associates are very impressive and equipped with all the modern amenities. Moreover, these are located at a place with brilliant connectivity to all the important places. You can live the high life in this 3 bedroom apartment. This stunning corner apartment is equipped with stylish floorboards in the entire area of the kitchen, living area, and large balcony.

Contemporary Apartment

Moving into your first abode is very exciting. Being independent, living away from your parents with more space, more privacy is very cost-effective. These properties are equipped with all the modern amenities and international fixtures. This apartment possesses soothing interiors. The entire interior work is rendered covering all the aspects including space planning and modern aesthetics.

Family Home

You can find a formal great room with spacious dining/living areas and adjoining servery kitchen. Properties at David Whealy and Associates possess a distinctive class and style as compared to the others. These properties are built with accurate planning and possess a unique blend of architectural technology, recreational facilities, and excellent infrastructure.

Design Place Apartment

Hi-rise residential complexes are erected by adopting state-of-the-art engineering designs and devices. David Whealy and Associates is offering a modern and comfortable living with aesthetics that spell class and elegance. You can see the informal dining/living room extending from the kitchen. Additionally, the entry lobby of the property captures panoramic landmark aspects of the city.

Property in Melbourne

Residential property in Melbourne provides all sorts of living accommodations from condominiums, farmhouses, vacant land, up to four bedroom apartments and bungalows. We offer myriads of options to choose from whether it’s a luxurious apartment, fashionable villas or mid-range residential understandings.

Duplex Bungalows

Since the day of commencement, we are offering a wide option of beautiful constructed Residential Duplex to choose from. Right from floor to ceiling windows are dressed with motorized sheer blinds. As far as kitchen area is concerned, neutral colors are very "in" right now as it helps in bringing out the subtleties of furnishings and textures. Living in simplex and duplex are best enjoyed when they are far away from pollution and noise. Our bungalows are located in the most prominent regions of Melbourne.